The East Wind has given rise to many stories and adventures, from The Garden of Paradise to Mary Poppins. The East Wind has been both a promising wind and a mischievous, somewhat darkly and prophetic wind in other cases (such as in The Lord of the Rings).

It may have been this very same wind that blew her into my life last week, for I know not what to make of it all yet. That she came at the precise moment when my entire lifestyle began to shift and change drastically, I can imagine naught but that it is by some greater design. I had just returned to University for another year and was determined to shake off nasty old habits – particularly of staying up late, sleeping too little, neglecting to develop my social skills, and failing to build connections through networking. These were things I was determined to fix and change, and had begun to do so an entire week before that, even.

She blew in with the East Wind and rattled my world. The voice of change I sought so heavily over the summer through great reflection warned me to stay away. This voice within me, much as I am sure any reader or third party would say, told me that I had already made a decision to change and focus on myself, and no other person should have any business in stopping me from doing so. If I stopped for every person who asked for my time, or sparked my interest, I would end up right back where I started. No way, I told myself, I have to stick to the plan.

But how can I? She is perfectly suited to fit the life I used to lead. Why now, when I must change my ways and move forward, does she arrive and tempt me so? Memories are brought fresh into my mind of the days when I dreamed and wondered, when I damn near waited around for someone like this to come into my life. I was so sure it would never happen, and now it finally has.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking and bonding, our shared interests and similar personalities are unlike any connection I’ve made in my entire life – it is definitely one for the record books. I’ve never met anyone like her. I was convinced girls like her didn’t exist. I was so sure that even if I met someone like her there would be something wrong with her – girls don’t enjoy spending an entire day studying, followed by working out, and ending the night with sometimes long gaming sessions or back to back movie marathons, living in a sort of reclusive life.

She’s a curveball, and I have half a mind to strike out right now. I cannot have her, I know I shouldn’t, and yet I so very much want her to be mine.