Since it is the first day of the blog, and having a fresh mind to make a note of something, I figured it would be best to write out what it is that I want. I have found myself asking this question ever-increasingly in the past two to three years, mainly as I am coming to an end of my post-secondary education. My degree is not one that gets you a job directly out of school, nor does it prepare you to do one specific job. Career opportunities aside, it is with more and more worry that I approach my date of graduation because I believe I am starting to realize what it is that I really want to do – and it has nothing to do with my degree and my studies.

Have I wasted a lot of time, then? Is usually my next thought. Perhaps I have, for I could have been perfecting my craft and growing into my desire and passion in these past few years. And yet perhaps I haven’t, for I wasn’t even sure what it is that I wanted in these past years, and my experiences and memories made in post-secondary studies have given me many insights and ideas.

I want to write. At least I think I do. Not a blog like this; nor the essays and research papers that I have come to familiarize myself with in University; not even news articles or editorials, really. Creative writing is what I wish to do – to tell stories. Novels, scripts, short stories – these are far more exciting ideas to my mind.

I began reading “Mastery” by Robert Greene a few months ago and it really planted the idea in my head that there was something that I was born for; and I don’t mean in the sense that it really is my destiny, a path that I cannot change, but rather what I can and should do better than anything else I may partake in.

Over the past year or so I had found myself becoming restless and searching for ways to build a larger set of skills in case I should not succeed in the path of my degree – I looked to learning computer programming, new spoken languages, mathematics, things that are in demand or build useful skills to add to a resume. It was a very difficult path that I had set out on, for each of those individual things takes a lot of commitment and I was trying to do them all at once whilst juggling my studies.

Recently I read a very useful thread on Quora where an experienced man made a compelling argument that stood out to me. He said that trying to learn a bunch of useful skills and build up your resume is too safe a plan and is almost certainly destined to fail. He said to think of what you really wish to do and hop on the first train to that destination. Should you never reach the destination, after serious attempts at it consisting of your entire physical and mental efforts, then – and only then – it would be time to board a new train. I had realized that I have never fully committed to the idea of writing, even though I fancied it so very much for quite some time now. This is what I will be trying to attempt, now, after I settle into this new semester and seek a new part-time job to meet my expenses and needs. I will make an effort to drop everything else and focus solely on writing. I have some time yet before I graduate and I hope to know by then whether or not this is the course for me.