Welcome, to my personal and anonymous blog. I don’t much know who I am welcoming however, since it is not my intention to garner a following of any sort; although I would not oppose the possibility of such a thing happening. In any case I will be keeping any personal details (names, places, numbers, etc.) hidden and keep all identity anonymous.

My primary purpose in starting a blog is that I would like to document the happenings in my life, and being that I am prone to losing physical materials and already cramp my hands enough at University, I thought it would be ideal to set one up on the internet. This way I won’t need to lug a journal around everywhere I go, and can post from any place there is an active internet connection (which is pretty much anywhere, in this developed society I live in).

The posts that will be made here are purely my own thoughts, reflections, and I suppose at some points there will be raw emotion – the kind that some people would consider inappropriate, thoughtless, ignorant, and so forth. This is not to say that these kinds of emotions, these thoughts (brought upon mostly by difficult or trying experiences in life) are never felt by anyone, but rather that they are most often left unspoken, lest they should be taken the wrong way. Nonetheless, my discretion here is that these are to be my own personal ramblings and are not done with the intention of offending any single individual or group(s) of people. It may happen to be the case that I come across like a completely different person sometimes.

Welcome, whoever you are, and I hope there is something of gain to you by reading this blog – whether you learn from my mistakes; or get an idea from my future rambles; or simply wish to muse at my character.